European energy storage market ‘to double this year’

The €1.8tn European recovery fund is further expected to boost the storage market

The annual capacity additions to the energy storage market in Europe will reach 3GWh in 2021, almost double the number of storage deployments seen last year.

That’s the forecast made in a new report by the European Association for Storage of Energy and energy research and consulting firm Delta-EE, which suggests balancing services in countries such as Italy, the UK and the Nordic region have supported the demand for grid-scale storage projects.

Analysts expect the €1.8 trillion (£1.5tn) European recovery plan will further boost clean energy technologies, including storage.

Jon Ferris, Head of Energy Storage and Flexibility at Delta-EE, said: “We are anticipating growth in the sector will accelerate as improved access to markets, particularly for behind-the-meter storage, and the increasing ability for batteries to stack value from multiple markets, add to government support from green recovery packages.”

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