Mind the gap between cheapest energy deals and price cap!

New research finds that the gap between the cheapest energy deals and price cap has shrunk to the lowest ever level

Nearly three-quarters of Brits ‘haven’t a clue about gas boiler pollution’

A new poll shows almost 89% of people do not know that a gas boiler emits more carbon than a new car

British households ‘slashed 33m tonnes of CO2 during lockdown’

Gas and electricity consumption had the lion’s share of household emissions, according to new research

Trade body calls on government to scrap VAT on energy bills

Almost 76% of Brits support VAT cut on energy bills, according to new research

National Grid ‘eyes building energy island in North Sea’

The energy hub will reportedly be built before 2030

Global energy use projected to increase by 50% by 2050

Falling technology costs and government policies that provide incentives for green energy will result in the growth of renewable electricity generation to meet growing power demand

Bitcoin can be as hot as volcanic lava in El Salvador

Geothermic power from volcanoes is being used to power bitcoin mining in the country

Dutch students develop solar-powered mobile home

Solar Team Eindhoven has developed a vehicle that could travel up to 730 kilometres using solely the energy produced by its solar panels

Halogen bulb ban comes into force today

The measure is part of the government’s plan to tackle climate change

UK’s fossil fuel generation increased by 36% in second quarter

That was due to the increased gas consumption and the unfavourable weather conditions for renewable energy generation, according to BEIS analysis