MPs address e-waste concerns

The Environmental Audit Committee prepares to address the mounting issue of electronic waste, with MPs investigating the sector’s growth and challenges, including Amazon’s absence from the proceedings

‘Public engagement vital for net zero’

The Association for Decentralised Energy has emphasised the crucial role of public participation in achieving net zero

‘UK’s net zero path narrows’

A new report highlights the narrowing path to achieving net zero by 2050, stressing the importance of accelerated deployment of clean technology

UK plans energy flexibility from EVs and appliances

The UK Government proposes regulations to utilise energy flexibility from EVs and appliances, aiming to enhance grid stability and encourage consumer adoption of smart devices

National Gas appoints first Chief Operating Officer

Matt Steele has joined National Gas as the company’s first Chief Operating Officer, bringing extensive experience in energy, rail and infrastructure sectors

EDF launches first heat pump tariff below price cap

EDF has introduced the heat pump tracker tariff, promising savings of at least £164 against the standard variable tariff, with additional benefits for off-peak usage

UK proposes new measures for cheaper energy deals

Proposed measures seek to empower consumers to access more affordable energy deals while ensuring grid stability, potentially saving up to £50 billion

Hinkley connection completes T-pylon wiring

National Grid has completed the installation of overhead conductors on all 116 T-pylons for the Hinkley Connection Project

Tenants’ energy bills match extra month’s rent

New research reveals that tenants’ annual energy bills now match an additional month’s rent, reaching a seven-year high of £1,331 per year, just £1 shy of the average monthly rent in Britain

Heat pumps, EVs make homes ‘energy patriotic’

Embracing electric heat pumps and cars could significantly reduce Britain’s reliance on imported fuels, according to experts