SSE customers ‘see £42,000 smart meter readings for a day’s worth of energy’

SSE Energy Services said the issue affected the display only, not the actual meter readings

Households ‘could save up to £242 a year by switching to 62 fixed energy deals’

The new price cap, which comes into force today, will increase by £96 to £1,138 for 11 million default tariff customers

How could an electric school bus decarbonise the grid?

Blue Bird Corporation has delivered a fast-charge V2G-capable school bus in what is claimed to be North America’s first commercial application of this technology

Welsh wind blows high for ‘UK’s first’ consumer-owned wind farm

The project has secured a £1.1m grant from the Welsh Government

European energy storage market ‘to double this year’

The €1.8tn European recovery fund is further expected to boost the storage market

UK’s smart meter programme ‘hits 15 million milestone’

February saw 163,000 smart meter installations, according to a new report

Almost 3.2m smart and advanced meters installed in 2020

As of 31st December 2020, there were 23.6 million smart and advanced meters in Britain, according to BEIS figures

Italy’s energy demand slumped to record lows in 2020

The country’s fall in energy demand is the highest since the Second World War, a new study finds

Utility Team launches ‘gamechanging’ energy efficiency software

Tests of the new software have shown it can reduce the energy usage of chiller systems by up to 20%

Squeezed electricity! Oranges power water treatment plant

Nearly one tonne of oranges is needed to produce the equivalent of five homes’ consumption in one day