A look at carbon offsetting

Setting the right strategy and ensuring standards to enhance, rather than damage your corporate reputation

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You can’t electrify everything and always use 100% Renewable Energy, so carbon offsetting has a role to play in any company’s decarbonisation plan. But at what stage in your net zero journey should carbon offsetting play a role? And are carbon credits worth the paper they are written on? How does, or rather should offsetting work? And what is a ‘climate neutral’ company?  How do you ensure you have the right strategy for carbon offsetting in place and one that won’t damage the reputation of your business by being accused of greenwashing, when your objective is to enhance its standing and build a pathway for authentic sustainable growth?

To learn about the relevance of carbon offsetting within a credible net zero strategy watch this explainer video from Alfa Energy Group below, and then listen to the Resonance podcast episodes with Carey Group (Decarbonising Construction) and Field Studies Council (Setting a course for net zero) here.

For more detail on establishing a strategy for carbon offsetting within a renewable energy or wider net zero strategy, to understand the standards to be met and what needs to be undertaken, you can request 2030, our comprehensive net zero and sustainability guide for business, here.  Just select the tick box for 2030.

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