UK publishes guidance on ‘blue’ hydrogen production

The guidance aims to help businesses build industrial-scale ‘blue’ hydrogen projects across the UK

Big Zero Report 2022

The Environment Agency (EA) has today published regulatory guidance on the production of hydrogen from methane with carbon capture, otherwise known as ‘blue’ hydrogen.

The EA had previously asked for views on the development of this guidance, which covers both new plants and retrofits to existing plants.

The published information aims to help companies design and develop industrial facilities for the production of ‘blue’ hydrogen, a type of hydrogen which is widely used in transportation and electricity generation.

Businesses will need to meet strict requirements that protect the environment and communities before they are granted a permit from the EA.

Georgina Collins, Director of Regulated Industry at the Environment Agency, said: “Hydrogen is likely to play an important part in our low carbon future and as environmental regulator, our role is to ensure that hydrogen production is conducted in a way that protects people and the environment.

“Our emerging techniques guidance will go a long way towards achieving that.”

In case you missed it, read what Dr Robert Howarth, Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology at Cornell University told ELN about his recent study which found that blue hydrogen could be 20% worse for the climate than burning natural gas. 

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