‘UK could fall behind China and EU on meat substitutes’

A think tank has said the UK alternative protein policy remains underdeveloped and underfunded

Government consults on sustainable approach to marine development

It is seeking views on marine net gain, which would protect valuable marine species and habitats, for example, through planting seagrass which stores and absorbs carbon or removing plastics and other litter from the oceans

UK’s protected peatlands being hit by illegal fires, finds new report

An investigation by Greenpeace suggests more than 250 fires took place over six months despite the new ban

Is government exploring plan to convert lavatory waste into drinking water?

Ministers are reportedly examining several water recycling projects, including a toilet-to-tap scheme

Natural disasters ‘have claimed more than 3,700 lives in the UK since 2000’

Extreme temperatures are to blame for 3,626 deaths registered in the UK, according to new research

Recycled plastic bottles leach chemicals into drinks!

The lead author of a new study told ELN recycled bottles could ‘contaminate’ drinks with more chemicals than new bottles

Government slammed over tree planting plan

MPs have called for a comprehensive plan to support planting on a larger scale

Government awards funding to plant 680,000 trees

Successful projects will share £9 million for the development of new urban green spaces

Water meters to be made compulsory for millions of households?

Reports claim nearly six million homeowners could soon be forced to install a water meter

UK peat use blamed for millions of tonnes of ‘avoidable’ CO2

Peat extraction in 2020 alone could release up to 880,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, new study finds