Major UK water firms accused of illegal sewage discharges

Three major water companies in the UK are suspected of engaging in illegal sewage discharges even when it wasn’t raining

Water giant’s £800k fine: Illegal water extraction in Lancashire

United Utilities faces an £800,000 penalty for unlawfully extracting a whopping 22 billion litres of water from Lancashire boreholes, as revealed by a prosecution by the Environment Agency

Consultation launched on unlimited fines to target worst polluters

The Environment Agency has launched an eight-week consultation on removing the £250,000 cap on penalties for environmental offences

“Raw sewage floods sensitive UK wilderness areas for 300,000 hours”

Nearly 1,200 sewage overflow pipes in England and Wales discharged raw sewage for over 300,000 hours last year in protected wildlife habitats, according to a report

Council criticises EA’s energy recovery facility expansion plans

Sutton Council demands an explanation from the Environment Agency over plans to increase waste treatment at the
Beddington Energy Recovery Facility

Climate resilience vital for UK’s net zero grid, says government report

Defra has raised alarm about the escalating threat of extreme weather disruptions to critical services, calling for urgent action to enhance preparedness and resilience

Water companies in England hit record high in pollution incidents

There has been a surge in pollution incidents from water and sewerage assets in England, reaching the highest level since 2019, according to the Environment Agency

UK to scrap £250,000 limit and impose unlimited fines on polluters

Under the new legislations, regulator could impose higher penalties to ensure compliance across sectors such as energy, water, waste operations and incinerators

Government prepares for Thames Water collapse concerns

Officials are reportedly considering the adoption of a similar administration regime, akin to the one implemented during the collapse of Bulb, for Thames Water

Climate Change Committee: UK fails to deliver on net zero promises

The UK’s independent climate adviser to government has emphasised the urgent need to quadruple annual emissions reductions outside the electricity sector within the next seven years