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EDF unveils “cheapest” electric vehicle tariff

EDF has launched an EV tariff, EVolve Sep25, offering off-peak electricity at a reduced rate overnight, promising drivers savings of £200 per year and ensuring prices never exceed the Ofgem cap

EDF has introduced a new electricity tariff aimed at electric vehicle (EV) drivers, branded EVolve Sep25, which is being touted as the most economical option on the market.

Priced at £1,067 annually, the tariff provides customers with five hours of off-peak electricity every night, applicable both at home and for charging vehicles.

This initiative is expected to save drivers £200 annually compared to standard tariffs and guarantees that prices will not surpass the Ofgem price cap.

Unlike many existing EV tariffs, EDF’s EVolve Sep25 is accessible to all motorists with EVs, regardless of make or model.

For an average driver covering 7,000 miles annually, the cost to charge using this tariff amounts to £247 per year, significantly lower than the estimated £1,292 spent on petrol.

Rich Hughes, Director of Retail at EDF, said: “Some EV tariffs negatively impact customers based on their daytime home usage and they can end up worse off.

“EVolve is a penalty-free EV tariff that benefits customers who charge off-peak, with the peace of mind of no premium peak prices during the day.”

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