Car manufacturers ‘aren’t interested in selling electric vehicles’

That’s the opinion of Greg Archer, Director of Clean Vehicles at Transport and Environment, who spoke to ELN yesterday

Mercedes-Benz transforms old coal plant to battery facility

The project will supply balancing power to the grid and store batteries before they are used in electric vehicles

InstaVolt offers free power boost for EV drivers

It is making all of its rapid charging stations free to use to support Clean Air Day tomorrow

Renault to invest €1bn in French EV production

It plans to double the production capacity for the Renault ZOE EV

ELF2018: What should businesses consider when gearing up for EVs?

Phil Hack, Head of Markets at UK Power Networks Services told ELN firms should consider their whole fleet strategy over the long term to avoid “regret costs”

New tariff aims to slash EV charging costs

Octopus Energy says it allows drivers to charge their cars at an “incredibly low” price of 5p/kWh for four hours each night

Innovative UK battery projects win share of £22m

The grant is part of the government’s Faraday Battery Challenge, which aims to accelerate the research needed to develop battery technologies

One in three Brits ‘willing to pay more to go 100% electric’

Around 49% out of the 2,004 people surveyed also said they would pay a higher upfront cost for an electric vehicle

London mayor launches new taskforce to boost EV infrastructure

It brings together representatives from business, infrastructure, energy and councils from across the capital

IEA: Electric vehicles on the world’s roads exceed three million mark

The uptake is said to be driven by strong government policies and falling battery costs