National Grid plans for potential energy crisis

The boss of National Grid has unveiled plans to reintroduce the Demand Flexibility Service, urging British households to reduce electricity consumption voluntarily

Chilly dip! King Charles ‘turns down the heat at palace pool’

King Charles has reportedly turned down the heat at the Buckingham Palace pool, opting for cooler waters as part of his commitment to environmental sustainability

Customers raise concerns over ‘unexpectedly high’ energy bills from OVO

Customers reportedly express concerns over high energy bills, following alleged miscalculations and issues with smart meter installations

Northern Ireland-Scotland electricity link proposed

The £700 million project, known as LirIC, is predicted to provide up to 700MW of capacity between the Irish and the British energy markets

UK electricity market sets CAP below £100/MWh for first time since 2021

The Credit Assessment Price will fall to £85/MWh in response to stabilising wholesale prices

UK households resort to risky methods to cut energy usage, ministers warned

Last winter, nearly 57% of adults who had to cut fuel usage due to financial constraints suffered negative impacts on their health and well-being, a public body has found

Smart meter slowdown: Watt’s happening?

Latest data reveals a decline in monthly smart meter installations, with April witnessing only 170,000 installations across the UK

Ofgem unveils SIF R3 challenges to supercharge net zero

Challenge areas for Round 3 of the Strategic Innovation Fund have been unveiled, seeking innovative projects that can drive the energy transition

Households brace for lower energy price cap with ‘minimal relief’

Experts caution that the anticipated lower energy price cap will offer little respite to households as government support schemes come to an end

Union demands net zero energy regulator to replace Ofgem

Prospect has also proposed the creation of a Net Zero Energy Agency to address obstacles in achieving net zero goals and has advocated for a public energy company