EV sales to surge 35% in 2023

Growing electrification is predicted to reduce the global demand for oil by at least five million barrels per day by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency

Aussie-UK pact on supercharged minerals to power clean-tech revolution

Australia and the UK will collaborate on the acquisition and preservation of vital minerals – rare earth minerals, are highly sought-after for their use in wind turbines and EV batteries

UK 2030 EV target is a tough nut to crack, says Duke of Richmond

The Duke has raised concerns over the lack of the relevant charging infrastructure

Biden and EU in talks to end EV tax tension

The EU is seeking to seal a critical minerals agreement to ease supply chain pressures

Charge your EV with baking powder!

Batteries made with “unexpected ingredients” could become the dominant type in the near future, according to new research

Recharge Industries becomes new owner of Britishvolt

The Australia-based company has sealed the agreement with the administrators of the collapsed batter manufacturer

UK supercharges public EV charging points with £56m

The new funding is predicted to support the installation of 2,400 more public EV charging devices in areas such as Cumbria, Norfolk and Oxfordshire

‘UK’s largest’ virtual power plant is growing

Octopus tariff offers EV drivers cheaper rates to charge their cars when the grid is less busy

Australia inches closer to Britishvolt takeover

Australian firm Recharge Industries has been selected as the preferred bidder for the collapsed British EV battery startup

Why did Britishvolt collapse?

An insolvency law professor told ELN that even if new investments had been found, Britishvolt’s problems would have not disappeared