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UK sets 10% sustainable aviation fuel target by 2030

The UK Government has unveiled plans for a sustainable aviation fuel mandate, requiring 10% of jet fuel to be from sustainable sources by 2030 and 22% by 2040

The UK Government has announced plans to mandate 10% of jet fuel used in UK flights from sustainable sources by 2030 and 22% by 2040.

The UK’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) mandate, subject to parliamentary approval and set to be implemented in January 2025, will establish one of the world’s first legally binding regulations.

This initiative follows the world’s inaugural commercial 100% SAF transatlantic flight departing from Heathrow in November, supported by government investment of up to £1 million.

This policy aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and foster economic growth, with projections of injecting £1.8 billion into the economy and creating over 10,000 jobs.

The trajectory, developed in consultation with industry stakeholders, will start at 2% in 2025 and gradually increase.

Additionally, a consultation on an industry-funded revenue certainty mechanism has been initiated to support investment in UK SAF production, ensuring investor confidence.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said:  ”As part of our plan to grow the economy, the measures announced today will give both UK aviation and the UK SAF industry the certainty they need to keep creating skilled British jobs while giving passengers the freedom to continue travelling by air in a way that’s fit for the future. ”

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