California dithers over closing its sole nuclear power station

Diablo Canyon Power Plant was scheduled to shut down in 2025

GM test EVs as back-up power source

Its pilot investigates whether EVs could be used to power the needs of homes in California

Biden reinstates California’s power to set own vehicle emissions standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement reverses a decision made by President Donald Trump in 2019

Thumbs up for three new energy storage facilities in California

They will have the capacity to meet the energy needs of more than 100,000 homes for up to four hours

Solar-panelled canals on a water conservation drive!

Solar panels will cover 4,000 miles of Californian canals to save water

Plans to expand ‘world’s largest’ battery storage facility

Vistra has signed a 15-year agreement with Pacific Gas and Electric Company for a new 350MW battery system at the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility in California

Boeing invests $450m in flying taxi firm

The US aerospace giant’s investment will support the development of driverless air taxis

Goldman Sachs invests $250m in energy storage

The investment will speed up the development of two new long-duration energy storage plants

ESS and SB Energy partner for 2GWh of long-duration storage

The first ESS system has already been delivered to an SB Energy location in Davis, California and will be commissioned this month

‘World’s longest operating’ solar thermal facility retiring almost entire capacity

Only one solar thermal unit will remain operating at the plant, originally with a 356MW capacity, after the eighth one is closed this month