Schwarzenegger – ‘I’ll be back… if we stop climate change’

Arnie said “lives depend” on climate action at his latest climate conference in Austria

EVs lead to fall in asthma hospital admissions, study shows

New research found that as EV adoption increased within an area in California, asthma-related emergency room visits dropped

More than 600k US children suffer from asthma caused by gas stove use

Gas stoves emit toxic chemicals that put people at risk of severe health effects, new study suggests

California to ban new gas heaters by 2030

The measure is believed to help the US state slash ozone pollution

‘US charging point frenzy could leave people of colour behind’

Black communities could be left behind in EV surge, the NAACP claims

Days after banning petrol cars, Californians urged not to charge EVs

This is after the state is expected to experience temperatures peaking 37°C

California dithers over closing its sole nuclear power station

Diablo Canyon Power Plant was scheduled to shut down in 2025

GM test EVs as back-up power source

Its pilot investigates whether EVs could be used to power the needs of homes in California

Biden reinstates California’s power to set own vehicle emissions standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement reverses a decision made by President Donald Trump in 2019

Thumbs up for three new energy storage facilities in California

They will have the capacity to meet the energy needs of more than 100,000 homes for up to four hours