Look up here comes your cab!

A Californian firm has revealed its electric flying taxi capable of flying at 150mph for 60 miles

Hydrogen’s a breeze in California

Waste-to-energy firm will recycle wastepaper and water to produce up to 11 tonnes of green hydrogen every day

Surf’s up for US offshore wind!

California has earmarked a new area of coastline that could support 3GW of new offshore wind

ENGIE makes Silicon Valley city smarter

A set of energy and water-saving measures are predicted to help the city save $1.5m per year in energy and water costs

US greenlights $550m solar project in California desert

The plant will be capable of powering nearly 90,000 homes

California issues fracking ban from 2024

The move is set to make California the ‘first’ US state to set a date to phase out all oil extraction

Apple to build one of America’s largest battery projects in California

The project is forecast to store enough energy to power 7,000 homes for a day

Air quality restrictions eased for Los Angeles crematoriums due to Covid

California’s air pollution control agency said the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a backlog in bodies waiting to be cremated

Ways2H secures $2.5m for renewable hydrogen projects

Pacific6 Enterprises, a Long Beach-based social benefit investment firm is providing the funding

BP Energy Partners backs California-based Leading Edge Power Solutions

The investment will fund existing and future distributed generation installations as well as support the expansion of the company’s energy-as-a-service platform