Octopus secures new EV lease deal

Octopus Electric Vehicles will offer a new all-electric SUV to its customers through salary sacrifice, business leasing and personal leasing options

Octopus Electric Vehicles has secured a deal with US car manufacturer Fisker, making it the first lease provider in the UK for the new Fisker Ocean Extreme SUV.

This partnership, beginning with an initial fleet of 200 Fisker vehicles, signifies a long-term collaboration between Octopus and Fisker.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme, an all-electric SUV, boasts a range of up to 440 miles, the longest among new electric SUVs in its European market class.

Octopus will offer the vehicle through various leasing options, including salary sacrifice, making it an affordable choice for drivers.

Drivers choosing Octopus Electric’s services with Fisker vehicles will enjoy the benefits of the “Intelligent Octopus Go” tariff.

This plan offers six hours of off peak charging at a rate of 7.5p per kWh every day.

The deal expands Octopus EV’s offerings, adding to its portfolio of more than 80 available electric vehicle models.

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