Cambridge University targets net zero carbon goal by 2048

It is also targeting a 75% fall in carbon emissions by 2030

Mercedes-Benz targets carbon neutral fleet by 2039

It also aims to ensure hybrids or EVs make up more than 50% of its car sales by 2030

Shell links executive pay to carbon reduction

It has pledged to set specific short term targets, starting from 2020 and running until 2050

National Grid: UK action on heat essential to meet carbon reduction targets

It has launched its latest Future Energy Scenarios report, reflecting the possible supply and demand in the future

UN aviation agency endorses scheme to cut emissions

Domestic and international flights are said to account for around 2% of global CO2 emissions

University of London surpasses carbon reduction target

It has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2036

Qatar Airways’ green performance takes off

  Qatar Airways significantly improved the environmental performance of its airline, airports, retail outlets and hotels in 2017. The company improved its use of aviation fuel, making its operations 2.5% more carbon efficient than the previous year. It achieved this by reducing weight, optimising routes, making aircraft operations on the ground more efficient and improving […]

Solar catalyst ‘turns CO2 into ingredients for fuel’

A new light-activated material can convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide without producing unwanted byproducts. That’s according to scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), who said the technology could see solar-powered catalysts being used to generate fuel and other energy-rich products from harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They suggest the spongy nickel […]

Green farming ‘sees progress but needs to do more’

The Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) for Agriculture has made progress but there is still more to do. That’s according to a new report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), which oversees the industry-led scheme for reducing agricultural emissions in the UK. The department estimates it has achieved a reduction of one million tonnes […]

University of Reading gets smart about energy use

The University of Reading has saved £17 million over a five-year period by becoming more energy efficient. It has also reduced its carbon emissions by 35%, saving around 63,000 tonnes – equivalent to just above two years’ worth of the university’s current emissions. That’s a result of investing more than £4 million in projects aimed […]