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New methodology for carbon removals delivered by BECCS

DNV has validated a new methodology for BECCS carbon removals developed by Drax and Stockholm Exergi

A new methodology for certifying carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) through bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) has been officially validated by DNV.

Developed jointly by Drax and Stockholm Exergi, this methodology adheres to ISO14064-2 standards, ensuring precise measurement and verification of net carbon removals.

This validation is set to bolster confidence in the reliability and transparency of carbon credits within the voluntary market.

Angela Hepworth, Drax’s Commercial Director, said: “It is absolutely critical that we have credible, transparent and trustworthy standards in place if we are to scale the market for carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) and reach the volume needed to keep warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

Erik Rylander, Commercial Director for BECCS at Stockholm Exergi, said: “With this initiative, we want to define and accelerate the development of sustainable BECCS, provide clarity to off-takers of Carbon Removal Units on the Voluntary Carbon Market and reach out to all other BECCS developers to join the initiative to drive a convergence of standards.”

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