US sees first year-over-year decline in natural gas generation since 2017

Production of natural gas fell nearly 7% in the first four months of 2021 from the same period in 2020, averaging 3,394GWh per day in the Lower 48 states

Alok Sharma: ‘COP26 must consign coal to history’

The COP26 President said the government is planning for an in-person summit but was keen to highlight the safety of delegates and the local community ‘will be paramount’

Australia decides to close 50-year-old coal-fired power station

The site will be converted into an energy hub that will include solar storage systems, grid-scale batteries and a waste-to-energy facility

US backs production of rare earth elements with $19m

The scheme will support projects in communities where the coal industry downturn has left without the jobs they once relied on

Methane reduction technologies offered $35m US funding

Projects that can be replicated easily and commercialised quickly to cut methane accumulation in the atmosphere and mitigate the effects of climate change will be supported

China generated more than half of the world’s coal-fired electricity

China was the only G20 country that saw a large increase in coal generation last year, a new report finds

UK renewable energy generation in 2020 ‘outpaced fossil fuels for first year ever’

Through last year, renewables provided 42.9% of the UK’s electricity while fossil fuels generated 38.5%

EDF to bid farewell to last coal plant in September 2022

The shutdown is scheduled two years ahead of the government’s deadline for coal-fired power

‘World’s first’ Aussie-Japanese project to produce hydrogen from coal

Brown coal will be used with carbon capture and storage technology to produce clean hydrogen

Coal mine developer takes legal action against Cumbria County Council

The council decided to reconsider the planning application of the first deep coal mine in the UK for 30 years