Uber to add ‘green’ fee to London rides

  Uber has announced plans to add a green surcharge to its fares to help pay for cleaner vehicles. It has pledged for all UberX cars in London to be electric or hybrid by the end of 2019. To achieve this, it will be launching a ‘Clean Air Fund’, worth more than £150 million to […]

Government to announce diesel scrappage scheme?

The UK Government is to reportedly announce a diesel scrappage scheme in the next few days. According to The Times, Environment Secretary Michael Gove will unveil a “very, very targeted scheme” to encourage motorists to give up their polluting diesel cars in favour of greener vehicles. The Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs’ (Defra) […]

Is the government planning a diesel scrappage scheme?

The UK Government is reportedly planning to propose a scrappage scheme for older diesel cars. Motorists are expected to be offered cash to scrap or retrofit polluting diesel vehicles that emit high levels of nitrogen dioxide. It is part of the government’s plan to tackle air pollution in the country. The Department for Environment, Food […]

Diesel drivers ‘should pay up to £800 more in road tax’

A pollution tax of up to £800 should be put on sales on new diesel cars to clean up the air. That’s the suggestion of think tank Policy Exchange, which believes that could help generate £500 million a year of additional revenue. It says the money could be used to fund a new diesel car scrappage scheme […]