How data is helping manufacturers to “act now” with their net zero strategies

If you were to chart direct industrial emissions by each sector on a heat map, manufacturing would be red hot.

The 8 EV myths everyone should stop believing

As any new technology that comes to the market, electric vehicles (EVs) have had their critics. The EVs we see on our roads today are far more advanced than those we saw entering the market five to ten years ago.

Producing power: Hydro power energy generation in the UK

Societies have drawn on the power of water for thousands of years. The use of water mills dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, while China’s Han Dynasty used water power in papermaking as early as 202 BCE.

The transition to electric: A fleet manager’s checklist

Helping your drivers to go electric is a vital step on your fleet’s journey to net zero.

COP26: Time to get serious about net zero

As world leaders descend on Glasgow for this year’s COP, businesses should use it as an opportunity to advance their net zero plans

UK manufacturing: Which obstacle is number one for preventing net zero planning?

Drax’s new report, Navigate to next, reveals that almost one third (29%) of UK manufacturers still don’t have a formal plan to reach net zero emissions.

Drax’s 2021 guide to Third Party Costs

Drax are pleased to bring you the latest edition of their bi-annual guide to Third Party Costs (TPCs). Also called non-energy or non-commodity costs, TPCs account for around 60% of commercial energy bills.

Drax launches new platform to accelerate electric vehicle uptake

Renewable energy company Drax has today launched My Electric Vehicles, a first-of-its-kind fleet management platform for businesses, supporting their efforts to decarbonise and meet their ESG goals.

Drax’s Selby plant ‘is the UK’s biggest CO2 emitter’

New research finds that the power station is the third-largest CO2 emitter when compared with Europe’s coal fleet

Net zero in manufacturing: Who’s in charge?

Recent research by Drax looked at how UK manufacturing bodies are reaching net zero carbon emissions