‘Hollow Mountain’: Drax submits plans to expand pumped storage hydropower station

The power station will be located inside Ben Cruachan – Argyll’s highest mountain – and become the first newly-constructed plant of its kind in more than 40 years

Will the UK coal plants get a second life to ease energy crunch?

EDF, Drax and Uniper have reportedly been asked to keep their coal-fired power stations open longer

Activists cover BEIS building with orange paint in protest against Drax

Campaigners have launched actions as they oppose the government’s subsidies to Drax biomass power station

Looking to sell your electricity?

Do you generate your own renewable electricity? Or are you planning to install renewable power generators to meet your environmental ambitions?

UK readies undersea electricity ‘superhighways’

Ofgem has recognised the “consumer benefit” of two subsea high voltage cables to transport clean energy between Scotland and England

Drax biomass power station ‘received £2m a day in public subsidies’

Drax earned £893 million in government subsidies for burning forest biomass last year, according to a report

Government in talks over energy storage boost

Business leaders met with the Energy Minister to discuss further support towards long-duration energy storage technologies

Drax donates £280k to support war-impacted Ukrainians

The sum includes £30k of employee match funding from Drax’s employees

Drax switches on biomass plant in Arkansas

It is the first of three pellet projects the company plans to build in the US state

Stopping power – the mechanics behind regenerative braking

Braking a car works in a simple way. Press down on the brake pedal with your foot and the brake pads squeeze onto the brake discs. The resulting friction slows the car down. It’s the same with brake blocks on the wheel rim of a bike.