Anglian Water slapped with £2.6m fine for discharging sewage in the North Sea

The Environment Agency officers uncovered Anglian Water’s monthly discharge of waste water equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools into the North Sea

South West introduces hosepipe ban with £1k fine for water use

A hosepipe ban has been extended to most of Devon, affecting around 390,000 homes

Britons urged to stop flushing the loo every time to save water

A senior water executive at Thames Water has urged Britons to consider not flushing the toilet after urinating and taking shorter showers to reduce water consumption

US nuclear plant ‘leaks 400k gallons of radioactive water’

Water containing radioactive tritium leaked from Xcel Energy’s Monticello nuclear power plant in Minnesota in November

UN: World’s largest dams could lose quarter of capacity by 2050

The combined annual water use of India, China, Indonesia, France and Canada could be lost by mid-century, new study warns

Leaky loos costing households £49m a year

Anglian Water suggests a leaky loo wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water every year

Yorkshire Water secures 12 drought permits to conserve water

Its current licences require it to release a certain amount of water from the reservoirs to maintain the health of the river, however, the permits will enable Yorkshire Water to reduce that amount

Drinking treated sewage is the future, says EA chief

Sir James Bevan has said people need to be “less squeamish” about where drinking water comes from

Thames Water hosepipe ban comes into force

People in London are not able to use hosepipes to water gardens, fill swimming pools, clean vehicles and windows

Cornwall’s ‘first hosepipe ban in 26 years’ to be introduced next week

The temporary water use ban will come into effect next Tuesday