Water bills set to soar: ‘Brits face up to 40% increase’

Water companies seek to pass on the costs of addressing sewage issues

UK households are bracing themselves for a potential surge in water bills, with reports suggesting that prices could skyrocket by up to 40%.

The proposed increases are an attempt by water companies to pass on the financial burden of addressing the ongoing sewage crisis.

Expected to be officially announced next year, these price hikes could see annual bills jump from the current average of around £450 to approximately £680, excluding inflationary adjustments in certain regions.

To fulfil their commitments to addressing sewage pollution, England’s water companies are currently in the process of submitting investment plans to Ofwat, the water industry regulator.

These plans outline strategies for tackling issues such as storm overflows near designated bathing areas and enhancing the management of overflows impacting high-priority nature sites.

According to public consultation documents reviewed by The Times, the majority of companies are seeking approval from regulators for real-term price increases averaging 25% between 2025 and 2030.

These proposed increases aim to generate the necessary funds to cover the costs associated with the required infrastructure improvements.

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