DTE Energy targets 420MW of solar energy by 2022

Its clean energy generation would offset around 4.7m tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions from more than 938,000 cars a year

Michigan switches on its ‘largest’ wind park

The park is part of a project involving four new wind parks that will come online in 2020 and avoid 1.2 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually

Energy saving seeds sown for US crop farmers

Farmers in Michigan can apply for cash to upgrade old and outdated equipment to lower their costs. The energy efficiency cash is targeted towards Michigan crop and dairy farms and commercial greenhouses. Farmers can apply for upgrades that include new irrigation systems, refrigeration and grain dryers, said DTE Energy, the utility behind the Commercial Energy-Efficiency Incentive Program. Jim […]

Smartphone app in the US shows power info

An energy company in the United States has brought out a free interactive iPhone application for customers to report and check up on power outages. DTE Energy said they wanted to make it convenient for customers to see up-to-the-minute information from their mobile phones. An equivalent app in the UK, called the Power Cut Checker, […]