Industry responds to government’s fiscal plan

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement has received mixed reactions

Kwasi Kwarteng opens up after getting fired

The former Chancellor has said he had told Liz Truss she was going too fast with her economic plans

UK regulator bans HSBC ads over ‘misleading’ green claims

The ASA has said two posters seen on bus stops about the bank’s green finance and tree planting programme are misleading

Government plan withdrawal touted ‘dramatic change in energy policy’

An academic has told ELN that extending the EPG for two years would have exacerbated “unsustainable” strategies of least-hedged energy firms

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sacked by Truss

The PM has fired the Chancellor, as she looks to rip-up the idea for the previous mini budget

OPEC+ decision will drive energy prices up, say analysts

The organisation has announced it will cut oil output by two million barrels a day

Europe to address energy crisis with more targeted support

European ministers have acknowledged that horizontal measures to support people could delay the energy transition

Banks forge homeworking and relocation plan in the event of blackouts

UK Finance is reportedly in talks with its members to agree on contingency plans over potential power outages

Liz Truss ‘looking at freezing energy bills’

The new Prime Minister will hold a Cabinet meeting on measures to limit the financial stress caused by the energy crisis

Liz Truss urged to bailout UK in German-style multibillion stimulus

Experts have warned that only one path is realistic now for the new PM, a “massive stimulus package” for households and businesses