SSE offshore wind farm could generate 2,300 jobs in Ireland

A proposed offshore wind farm in Ireland anticipates an €800 million economic boost and the creation of 2,300 jobs

East of England faces unprecedented water challenges, study finds

The East of England is the most challenged region, grappling with water scarcity, rising temperatures and an influx of over 720,000 residents in the next two decades, according to a new study

SSE earns living pension accreditation

The energy company has achieved triple accreditation as a Living Pension Employer

King’s Speech: “Change this country for the better”

The Prime Minister describes the speech as his vision for “an improved Britain”

Energy bills top list of Brits’ winter financial concerns

Energy bills are the top financial concern for 46% of UK adults, with single-person households most worried, according to a new survey

Climate crisis incurs $16m per hour in extreme damage

A study reveals extensive financial losses of approximately $2.8 trillion from extreme weather damage due to the climate crisis, impacting around 1.2 billion people between 2000 and 2019

NatWest launches free green construction skills programme

NatWest has teamed up with the Supply Chain Sustainability School for a free retrofit training course

UK gas price surge amid Australian LNG facility strike uncertainty

Wholesale gas prices in Dutch and British markets spike as strikes in Australian LNG plants await confirmation

‘UK’s climate pledge rollback could lead to higher household energy bills’

The ADE has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, emphasising the importance of decentralised energy for sustainability and economic growth

UK Prime Minister calls for “pragmatic” pursuit of net zero

Rishi Sunak has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to net zero progress in a “proportionate way”, minimising hassle and costs for people