Energy efficiency, not an odd-fish anymore!

Japanese scientists turn fish scales into carbon-nano onions, a material used in LEDs and electronics

‘Vampire appliances’ could add £290 to energy bills

Electric devices draw power when they are plugged in although turned off

Fire chiefs raise concerns over need to reduce energy bills

Energy suppliers are urged to offer reduced tariffs not only for times when families are sleeping

Right to repair law to increase lifespan of electrical products

New government rules will mean spare parts must be provided free-of-charge for damaged electrical appliances under warranty

New standards for smart energy appliances published

The publication of the two new standards aims to support the manufacture and use of secure and ‘interoperable’ smart appliances

UK to legislate to tackle short lifespan of electrical appliances

Tougher rules will oblige manufacturers to make spare parts available and help consumers save £75 a year on their energy bills