New standards for smart energy appliances published

The publication of the two new standards aims to support the manufacture and use of secure and ‘interoperable’ smart appliances

Big Zero Report 2022

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has today published two new standards for new energy smart appliances (ESAs).

The two new standards are designed to support the manufacture and use of secure smart appliances, which include electric vehicles, home batteries and heat pumps.

The first standard named ‘PAS 1878’ enables standardised control of ESAs and the second ‘PAS 1879’ provides best practice guidance for grid-side actors to support this control.

The standards are part of the BEIS-sponsored Energy Smart Appliances Programme.

Sebastiaan Van Dort, Associate Director of Energy Standards at BSI, said: “The new Energy Smart Appliances standards are a major step forward in the transition to a smart, flexible and low carbon energy system.”

Climate Change Minister Lord Callahan said: “We all need to think smart to develop new and innovative ways to use energy intelligently, making sure we achieve our ambitious targets to eliminate our contribution to climate by 2050.”

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