‘Carbon tax could have netted £23bn for UK’

The government has been urged to tax major polluters, reallocate £3.35 billion from North Sea fossil fuel support and eliminate “harmful” Energy Profits Levy incentives

UK lifts onshore wind ban

The new measures will make it easier to find suitable locations for onshore wind farms by involving communities and speeding up site allocation through different local planning processes

Is the ban on new onshore wind set to be blown away?

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reverse an onshore wind farm ban amid Tory MPs pressure

UK’s oil boiler reform underway

A new Energy Bill amendment gives ministers the power to require liquid fuel providers to offer renewable options

Solar boom or gloom?

New analysis reveals that imposing more restrictions on ground-mounted solar farms could inflate energy bills by up to £5 billion annually

UK homeowners face jail or £15k fine in Energy Bill crackdown

The Energy Bill suggests potential one-year imprisonment and £15,000 fines for homeowners not adhering to new energy performance regulations

New Energy Secretary faces Energy Bill challenge

Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho faces substantial Energy Bill amendments and committee sessions this week

UK hydrogen industry calls for funding mechanism in Energy Bill

Trade association Hydrogen UK has emphasised the necessity of including a suitable funding mechanism within the Energy Bill currently under discussion

Ministers to scrap ban on new coal mines

The government faces criticism as it intends to remove the ban on opening new coal mines

Majority of Brits ‘unwilling to participate in hydrogen heating trials’

Safety concerns and high costs are cited as top reasons for majority of respondents declining hydrogen heating involvement, according to a new survey