UK homeowners face jail or £15k fine in Energy Bill crackdown

The Energy Bill suggests potential one-year imprisonment and £15,000 fines for homeowners not adhering to new energy performance regulations

The Energy Bill currently under consideration includes provisions for imposing penalties on homeowners who do not comply with newly introduced energy performance regulations.

These penalties encompass imprisonment of up to one year or fines amounting to £15,000.

The proposals have generated debate from MPs.

The government aims to reinforce efforts directed towards achieving net zero by granting authorities the ability to establish criminal offences and augment civil penalties.

In the Energy Bill, it is stated: “Energy performance regulations may provide for the creation of criminal offences.”

Individuals may also face prosecution for providing “false information” regarding energy efficiency or obstructing an enforcement authority.

According to the proposals: “Energy smart regulations may create offences relating to the obstruction of persons acting on behalf of enforcement authorities.”

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