Smart grids ‘can enhance energy security during pandemic’

GlobalData expects smart grids to ensure continuous power supply to critical infrastructure, amid the Covid-19 crisis

Energy after Brexit – will energy security be affected?

Predictions of gloom and doom in the event of a no deal Brexit are not hard to find at the moment. So should energy consumers be concerned?

Are wealthy countries less concerned about energy security and costs?

People in the UK are most concerned about being too dependent on energy imports and least about interruptions to supplies, says new research

World Bank approves $180m for Kenya’s energy sector

The loan will help strengthen the financial position of state-run Kenya Electricity Generation Company

UK energy security concerns fade, fracking support falls

The level of concern regarding energy security among the British public has fallen significantly in the last few months, matched by a drop in support for fracking from 21% last year to 16% now. That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitude Tracker (PAT), which is now on its 22nd wave of finding out what the public […]

Draft EU rules to prevent gas supply crises agreed

The European Parliament and Council have reached an informal agreement on new regulations which aim to prevent gas supply crises. Under the rules, an EU country facing an emergency gas shortage will be able to alert another member state and trigger cross-border assistance. The draft agreement establishes four “risk groups” of member states to serve […]

Subsurface scanning tech ‘could boost US energy security’

New technologies to see underground could hugely improve energy security in the US. That’s according to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), which says a key energy challenge is to ensure the safe, sustainable and affordable availability of subsurface resources, from which the country gets more than 80% of its total energy […]

EU expects Ukraine to legislate on energy efficiency

The EU expects Ukraine to approve a law on energy efficiency. That’s according to Vice President of EU Commission in charge of Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic, who speaking in a conference about the partnership between the institution and the country, called for a law in energy efficiency in Ukraine. Maros Sefcovic added the implementation of the new […]

EU to supervise oil and gas deals

The European Commission is to review Member States’ intergovernmental oil and gas deals before they are signed. The change is an important part of the sustainable energy security package proposed in February 2016. EU Member States will not be able to sign prospective oil and gas deals until they have been reviewed by the Commission and […]

Editorial – the Brexit lights are shining bright

The sun is still up this morning. I’ve had breakfast and the traffic was flowing. Brexit is the biggest political moment of my life but is it the end of the world as so many have predicted? No. Already we are receiving press statements from the energy sector, analysts, lawyers and financial experts. All saying […]