Got an innovative solution for flexible energy trading?

The flexibility to be traded could be provided from a range of sources, including energy storage and demand side response

Centrica targets 7GW of flexible and low carbon energy tech by 2030

The British Gas owner has unveiled 15 ambitious long term goals aligned with the Paris climate agreement

Eelpower snaps up 20MW battery unit from Anesco

It plans to invest £500m to develop a 1GW storage portfolio by 2022

UK businesses invited to monetise existing flexible energy assets

Western Power Distribution is opening up 18 new zones where it aims to procure demand side response services

UK firms join forces for demand response energy system

A new network which aims to generate 200MW of flexible energy by 2020 has been launched. Dubbed the ‘Living Grid’, it plans to show the power of intelligent demand response technology and modernise the UK’s existing “static” electricity system. The initiative is organised by non-profit firm Forum for the Future, with Sainsbury’s, United Utilities and […]