DCC: Half of British households connected to the smart meter network

Around 15 million homes are now on the DCC’s network

Smart meters

Half of all the homes in Britain are now connected to the national smart meter network, which is operated and maintained by the Data Communications Company (DCC).

Homes connected to the DCC network benefit from smart meters, enabling them to make decisions on using energy at the greenest and cheapest times.

The 15 millionth home was connected to the network on 21st February by British Gas at a property in Kent.

The DCC has said the network now supports almost 25 million meters.

DCC Chief Executive Officer Angus Flett said: “We are thrilled that the DCC network now reaches half of all homes in Britain.

“This platform is helping 15 million households understand their energy usage better, while also opening up access to new smart tariffs and energy saving incentives.

“We are delivering on our purpose, which is to make Britain more connected so people can live smarter, greener lives.”

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