Severn Trent Water seeks new solutions to reduce energy costs

The water and wastewater company currently uses around 900GWh of electricity per year – which comes at a cost of £100m

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Severn Trent is calling on businesses with innovative solutions that can help the water company reduce its energy costs in the future.

The water and wastewater company serves around eight million people across the Midlands and mid-Wales and currently uses around 900GWh of electricity per year – which comes at a cost of £100 million.

Severn Trent says despite being on track to be 50% self sufficient from its own renewable energy sources by 2020, which includes solar, anaerobic digestion, hydro, wind and food waste, more can be done to save on energy costs.

The water company is seeking opportunities to use hydrogen and biomethane, including vehicles and power generation, alternatives to traditional diesel standby power resilience, energy flexibility and control solutions, innovative use of waste heat and solutions for storage and balancing surplus onsite generation.

It hopes to harness new flexible energy solutions to become more energy efficient and ultimately drive down bills for customers.

David Gibbin, Energy Demand Optimisation Advisor at Severn Trent said: “Energy is one of the biggest costs to our business; we serve a huge geographical area and need to pump large amounts of water and waste to and from our customers. In fact, the energy we use equates to the annual usage of about 250,000 households.

“That’s why we’re inviting companies to come forward with new innovative solutions that we can take advantage of to make us even more efficient. Any savings we can make on our energy bills will reduce our operating costs, which is great news for our customers as it will help us to keep bills low.”

The closing date for submissions is 31st August 2019.

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