UK commits record £1.6bn to Green Climate Fund at G20

During the G20 summit in India, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted the advantages of pursuing net zero targets to stimulate job growth

‘Strong growth’ in renewable capacity in India

India’s solar and wind capacity installations grew strongly in 2022, while coal additions dropped significantly, according to a new report

Rishi Sunak discusses energy market stability with Saudi Crown Prince at G20

Rishi Sunak told Prince Mohammed bin Salman that he hoped the two nations could continue working together on stabilising energy markets

UN Chief says G20 is ‘ground zero’ for climate action

The G20 accounts for 80% of global emissions

Smart meters
Sunak urged to crack down on Chinese smart meters as he heads to G20 summit

Ministers are warned that smart meters made by a firm linked to the China pose a threat to the UK’s energy supply

‘None of the G20 are cutting carbon quick enough’

Most countries actually saw increases in emissions

Huge blow for US climate mitigation, as Supreme Court rules against EPA

This means Congress will now have to pass off on any climate regulations

IPCC: “Half of the world’s population highly vulnerable to climate”

IPCC’s second instalment of the Sixth Assessment Report said many impacts of climate change are now irreversible

Wind-charged recovery ‘could create 2.2m energy jobs’

Five countries could benefit from the addition of 20GW of wind power, new study estimates

UN: ‘Nature-based funding must triple by 2030’

To achieve net zero, a new report stresses nature-based spending must quadruple by 2050