COP26: Half of the UK’s largest businesses pledge to net zero by 2050

The companies make up £1.2tn in market capital and join 2,000 smaller UK businesses in taking the pledge

US closes borders for solar panel materials linked to forced labour in China

The US Department of Homeland Security says specific Chinese companies that produce silica-based products
breached labour laws

G7 summit and climate change – ripples or waves?

Organisations, charities and environmental campaigners react to the outcome of the 47th G7 summit

Boris Johnson flies to green G7 summit in private jet

The decision to take a 250-mile flight instead of more sustainable forms of transport has drawn widespread criticism on social media platforms

Boris Johnson installs first solar panel at utility-scale energy park

The project at Carland Cross in Cornwall will combine wind, solar and battery storage

Beer giant is brewing renewable electricity for G7!

Budweiser has pledged to offset the electricity used at the G7

Nearly 63% of Brits say oil and gas cash should go to green energy

More than half of Brits support setting an end date for oil and gas extraction in the UK, according to a new survey

UK joins global alliance to protect oceans and communities at risk

The Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance aims to drive $500m of global investment by 2030 into nature-based solutions to climate change

Carbis Bay g7 cornwall
G7 carbon-neutrality to be achieved through four offsetting projects

Local seasonal produce, vegetable oil fuels and carbon offsets are some of the measures that will be deployed to make the event as sustainable as possible

G7 nations agree to stop new overseas coal funding in 2021

They have also made a commitment to accelerate the transition away from unabated coal capacity and to an ‘overwhelmingly decarbonised’ power system in the 2030s