Billpayers ‘could pay billions in extra nuclear plant decommissioning costs’

Seven power plants should have been decommissioned decades ago, according to a parliamentary committee report

Queen’s Speech lays out Energy Bill

The pursuit of cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy has been put at the heart of the government’s plans

Analysts unveil new price cap estimates prior to the Queen’s Speech

The Autumn default tariff cap is predicted to be around £2,600

Will the Queen’s Speech take a tougher stance against disruptive protestors?

Eco-zealots could be jailed for 12 months as a result of a new Public Order Bill

Government to consider ‘all options’ on price cap for heat networks

The Energy Minister has acknowledged that customers on heat networks are more exposed to energy price hikes

Government urged to introduce a “social tariff”

The boss of ScottishPower has called on ministers to give the most vulnerable £1,000 off bills

Energy chiefs expect “severe impact on customers’ ability to pay”

Energy bosses have predicted that a “significantly larger” number of people will move into fuel poverty

Bulb boss continues earning £250k salary despite special administration

The salary is being paid by taxpayers as the company entered into special administration

Boris Johnson hints at what energy security strategy will include

The Prime Minister has said the UK has “failed for a generation” in securing enough long-term energy supply

There won’t be more help for rising energy bills before autumn

Rishi Sunak told MPs it would not be sensible to take further action