Government to ‘allocate £1.7bn to cover costs of Bulb special administration’

Ofgem has appointed Teneo to be Bulb’s special administrator

All UK buildings must be put on a sustainable footing, says MP

Emma Hardy, MP for for Hull West and Hessle presented a Bill to set minimum national requirements for flood mitigation and protection measures

Cut in energy bills must be prioritised over climate change, MP says

Sir Edward Leigh said people are worried about their “great big bloody heating bills”

MPs ‘avoid thousands of pounds by putting emission charges on their expenses’

The practice has reportedly helped MPs save nearly £70,000

‘No storage in the world is going to mitigate the effect of the quadrupling of the gas price”

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Business Secretary said for the second time that more suppliers will exit the market in the coming weeks

Amber Rudd expects no CfDs for onshore wind

Onshore wind is not expected to be allocated under the next round of the Contracts for Difference (CfDs) scheme, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said today. When questioned whether she expected the government to provide contracts for onshore wind, Ms Rudd said: “I wouldn’t, no”. Under the CfDs, renewable generators will be paid the difference between the current value of an asset […]

Commons votes to keep old coal alive

MPs have voted to reject an amendment to the Energy Bill introduced by the Lords to limit emissions from old coal-fired power stations. Under the proposed change the plants would have been subject to Emissions Performance Standards – which will apply to any new build power stations – unless they used Carbon Capture and Storage […]

MPs challenge Ofgem boss over standing charges on bills

The boss of Ofgem was today challenged by MPs over the use of standing charges on customers’ bills at a meeting of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee. Andrew Wright, Ofgem’s interim CEO, was asked what steps the regulator had taken to tackle problems with the charges, which according to Labour MP […]

Suppliers agree households need simpler bills

Simpler household bills was the common message from energy suppliers today at the House of Commons. Alistair Phillips-Davies, Generation and Supply Director at SSE said energy bills need to be simplified for consumers at the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s evidence session this morning. He joined other UK suppliers after being called in by the […]

Are energy suppliers being proactive enough?

The heads of UK energy suppliers were quizzed today on whether they are being proactive enough in helping people get lower bills. The questioning came from MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee at the House of Commons this morning, where they grilled top executives from the “Big Six” suppliers about how they […]