Hertfordshire Council lights up with £5m a year energy savings

Its switch to LEDs and part-night lighting policy has also helped avoid almost 12,000 tonnes of CO2 a year

Chicago to install 40,000 LED streetlights as next step in modernisation

The move forms part of a larger scheme to update infrastructure, which will replace 270,000 lights in total, making up 85% of streetlamps across the city

Walmart LEDs the way for consumers to save $2bn on lighting bills

The supermarket’s lighting provider GE Lighting has helped make the switch to greener bulbs

Carlsberg toasts electricity bill savings at Danish logistics centre

It replaced its old lighting with LEDs at five large warehouses

Unilever partners with UK firm to bring pay-as-you-go solar lighting in Kenya

They aim to provide renewable power to households in off-grid areas

All new Californian homes required to have solar panels

It is the first US state to introduce such a law from 2020

City of London lights up with energy efficient plan

A new strategy for more energy efficient use of lighting across the Square Mile in London has been launched. The City of London Corporation’s innovative lighting proposals, which include remotely operated lights, aim to improve energy use and help tackle light pollution, complementing work already underway to upgrade street lighting to LEDs. Its plans, claimed […]

A bright idea for cutting lighting bills

A new motion sensor can save energy, reduce emissions and cut bills by maintaining light at a constant level. Lighting firm Helvar has developed the 321 Multisensor, which uses passive infrared technology to dim lights and save energy, for example when the sun shines into a room, before brightening them again as the clouds darken […]

ET recharges his UFO EV!

Forget charging your electric car – imagine having to charge your spaceship. A gang of alien UFOs have reportedly been sighted doing exactly that – by swooping in and around a giant thunderstorm above Sydney, Australia. Alien enthusiast UFO Today posted the footage to his YouTube channel – it was originally filmed by someone else […]

Energy efficient investments ‘could knock £270 off bills’

Investing in energy efficient technologies could help householders save £270 on bills on average. A new study reveals they could also cut energy use by a quarter every year – equivalent to the output of six Hinkley Point C nuclear power stations. Researchers have estimated that investing in technologies like heating, insulation, lighting and appliances […]