Government to set out new measures to protect rainforests and clean up the nation’s shopping baskets

A new law in the Environmental Bill is expected to ban UK firms from selling products which create negative impacts on rainforests during their production

Could coconut oil be more environmentally-damaging than palm oil?

The researchers say this disparity in impact and perception highlights the difficulties of ‘conscientious consumption’ and note consumers lack objective guidance on the environmental impacts of crop production

Selfridges cuts palm oil from own-brand offerings

The department store says the milestone has been achieved nine months ahead of the target outlined in its sustainability strategy

Palm oil
European Commission concludes palm oil is environmentally damaging

The decision means it is likely to be removed from transport fuels as it will not contribute to EU renewable transport targets

World’s biggest palm oil trader announces plans to prevent deforestation

Wilmar International has pledged to stop working with farmers and businesses involved in deforestation or development on peatland

PZ Cussons gets in a lather about plastic

The Imperial Lather owner has also promised to source sustainable palm oil by 2025

Indonesia and Malaysia join forces to fight EU phase-out of palm oil biofuels

The EU plans to cut the use of palm oil as biodiesel from 2030

Unilever agrees to clamp down on unsustainable palm oil

Unilever has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an Indonesian state-owned palm oil plantation company to help produce the widely-used product more sustainably. The agreement with PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) will see the companies work to help mills and farmers reduce deforestation, avoid developing on peat areas and stop the exploitation of local people and […]

MEPs call for unsustainable palm oil clampdown

MEPs have called for a clampdown on imports of unsustainable palm oil and its use in biofuel. In a resolution voted today, 640 ministers supported the Czech Republic’s Kateřina Konečná in asserting a large part of global palm oil production is in breach of fundamental human rights and can often prove untraceable. Only 18 MEPs […]

No palm oil used to make biodiesel in UK

No palm oil has been used to make biodiesel in the UK. That’s according to the Department for Transport which analysed data from April last year to the same month this year. It added, biodiesel is now largely made from waste feedstocks, in particular used cooking oil. Feedstocks are also the major contributor to renewable […]