Norway announces new NOK10bn climate investment fund

It will invest in renewable energy projects, particularly in those developing countries with high emissions from coal-fired power plants

Green pensions ‘are 57 times better than veganism in the fight against climate change’

Greener pension schemes could save those with a large pot of at least £100,000 a huge 64 tonnes of carbon says report

Five countries ‘plan 80% of world’s new coal power’

More than 600 new coal-fired plants are currently underway, a new report suggests

EBRD to tie all its investments with Paris Agreement by 2022

The institution will stop investment in oil and gas projects and will increase decarbonisation support to countries that are heavily dependent on fossil fuels

‘UK banks responsible for 805m tonnes of emissions in 2019’

A new report claims that banks and investors have financed close to double the carbon emissions of the whole UK

JPMorgan Chase announces new 2030 carbon reduction targets for clients

The targets follow its announcement that it achieved carbon-neutrality in 2020 and would invest $1tn into green activities over the next decade

Methane emissions ‘could be slashed by 45% this decade to keep temperature rise to 1.5°C’

Governments need to focus their efforts on three sectors, fossil fuels, waste and agriculture, a UN report warns

Supply is set to increase, but will a cooler start to summer cause an upward trend in prices?

Our latest European Market podcast on electricity and gas commodity prices sees global oil production set to increase, and LNG is making strides thanks to a new terminal in Croatia, but will pricing and demand level off? If the cold temperatures continue, that may not be the case, and policymakers need to take heed.

Almost $4.4tn green investment a year is needed to halt global warming

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates energy transition spending will have to increase by 30%

EIB backs plant proteins and green chemistry with €50m loan

Funding will support the production of proteins for animal feed from oilseeds