UN: World must slash emissions 42% by 2030 for Paris 1.5°C goal

While progress has been made since 2015, carbon dioxide emissions rose by 1.2% last year, according to a United Nations report

New UK and Germany partnership to boost renewable energy

The key areas of cooperation include accelerating offshore wind and electricity interconnection projects, improving carbon capture, utilisation and storage efforts

‘Clean power surge keeps Paris Agreement alive, but urgent action needed’

The International Energy Agency has warned that while the window for meeting the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target remains open, it has narrowed

Global energy sector sees record emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector reached an unprecedented high in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency

Decarbonisation rate ‘falls dangerously short of 1.5°C target’

Experts have emphasised the urgent necessity for an annual decarbonisation rate of 17.2%, a rate seven times greater than the previous year (2.5%)

‘Over 20% of global population faces dangerously high temperatures by 2100’

Current climate policies fall short of Paris Agreement goals, with projected 2.7°C warming, leaving two billion lives in jeopardy, according to new study

China invites US for climate talks

John Kerry has said he is hopeful the nations can “get back to where we were two years ago”

Liverpool commits to Paris Agreement for live events

Licenses will only be provided for concerts that have agreed to cut emissions by at least 50%

AI says 1.5°C is out of reach

It also warns that if emissions aren’t curbed, 2°C could be hit by mid-century

The Carbon Column – From pledges to plans

We have a lot of pledges, but we need more robust plans to achieve net zero, something I address in this week’s Carbon Column