Commuters drag XR protestors off trains in Canning Town

British Transport Police said four protesters have been arrested as part of the action this morning

Coal train protestors’ convictions overturned

Protestors who were convicted of obstructing a coal train headed to Drax power station in 2008 today had their criminal sentences overturned. Judges at the High Court heard the appeal from 29 climate change protestors whose actions reportedly caused £37,000 worth of damage. In 2009 and 2010 they were sentenced with one man given 60 hours […]

Frack-mate in Sussex

Cameras have been trained on the small village of Balcombe in Sussex since protestors converged there at the end of July, angry with plans to test for shale oil and gas in their backyards. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis visited the protestors’ campsite to find out what the frack was going on.

Fracking protestors complain of “heavy-handed” police

Several arrests were made today after anti-shale gas protestors were forcibly moved from blocking the entrance to a drilling site in Sussex. It makes a second day of protest action from local residents and activists at the shale gas drilling firm Cuadrilla Resource’s site in Balcombe. Around 60 people gathered this morning, pulling a tree […]

Greens protest against Drax big biomass

ELN reports from outside the offices of Drax where green protestors claim big biomass is actually more harmful for the environment than burning coal. Hear their view and the response from Drax.

Editorial – EDF gets EDF’d!

So it’s happened EDF has climbed down from its planned £5m lawsuit against climate protestors who occupied its West Burton gas plant after an online campaign against them garnered 60,000 signatures. In all it’s been one of the biggest PR blunders I can think of in the energy sector, a headline writer’s dream and a […]

Reporter’s Blog: Please, fancy dress protestors – don’t confuse the energy sector any more

Inside, E.ON’s chief Tony Cocker revealed he dislikes the phrase “Big Six”, while later, the head of EDF Energy Vincent de Rivaz insisted there isn’t a “cartel”. But that’s exactly what hundreds of protestors outside the Economist’s UK Energy Summit yesterday were complaining about. Some dressed up as Robin Hood, complete with Sherwood green tights […]

Protestors: Big Six “cartel” has sewn up energy market

“The Big Six have sewn up the energy market and are ripping off consumers across the country.” Those were the words of one protestor in the crowd around me, as we were held for three hours in a police cordon. The hundred-strong group of people outside the Economist UK Energy Conference today had come, they […]

Biofuel or bio foe?

Should the UK keep on using biomass sourced from developing countries? ELN explores the debate.

Protesters target Blackpool shale firm for second time

Environmental activists from Bristol broke into Cuadrilla Resources’ shale gas drilling site in Blackpool last week and attached themselves to equipment. It is the second time in a month the firm’s activity in the area has been targeted, with protesters storming another site in Blackpool at the beginning of November. A spokesperson said: “We have […]