Robot dog could soon be sniffing out hazards at Sellafield nuclear site

Sellafield Ltd held a three-day trial of Spot, the mobile robot dog developed by Boston Dynamics, at the Calder Hall nuclear power station which is currently being decommissioned

Tour de France – sustainable cycling a chain reaction?

The Tour de France has implemented sustainable measures for this year’s competition and looks to influence more people to take up cycling

Do Brits have it all wrong about the true victims of climate change?

The poll shows twice as many adults think white people are the most climate-vulnerable ethnic group, compared to only 15% that said black people were most at risk

‘Brits are largely unaware climate change disproportionately impacts black and brown people’

Christian Aid notes despite evidence that people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and small island states are already suffering from the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change, only a third of people in the UK realise this is happening

Formula E halts races due to coronavirus crisis

The racing season will be ‘temporarily suspended for a two-month period’

UK solar-powered car set to race down under

A solar-powered racing car has been built to take part in an endurance event across the Australian outback. A 60-strong student organisation, the Cambride University Eco-Racing Team (CUER), built the vehicle. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015, which runs from 18th-25th October, aims to show the potential of electric vehicles. A car, which entered the […]

Formula E picks eight manufacturers for second season

The eight manufacturers that will enter the all-electric race in the second season have been revealed. For the inaugural 2014/15 season, all the 10 teams use identical single-seating racing cars – the Spark-Renault SRT_01E – with powertrains developed by McLaren Electronic Systems. However, in a bid to promote investment and innovation, Formula E is allowing manufacturers […]

Formula E all-electric series to race in Moscow

The new electric motor racing championship will hold a race in Moscow this year, it has been confirmed. The Russian capital will host the penultimate ninth round of the inaugural season of Formula E on the streets adjacent to the Kremlin. It will take place on 6th June following which the championship will end in […]

Formula E signs up carbon capturer to cut emissions

Organisers behind the electric car’s answer to F1 have signed a deal with a carbon capture company to cut the emissions of the racing series. The first ever Formula E race kicks off in Beijing this September and will tour 10 cities around the world including London and Buenos Aires. Graciela Chichilnisky, Co-Founder and Managing […]