Latvia responds after Russia choked its gas supplies

The Baltic state has secured gas from other sources

Ukrainian energy company arranges Uniper rally for its Russian support

Uniper continues to buy energy from Russia, which DTEK claims is financing the war in Ukraine

Gazprom cuts off gas supplies to Shell Energy

Shell has committed to working to keep gas flowing to its customers

Russia’s Gazprom cuts off gas supply to Denmark’s Ørsted

The Danish company said Gazprom Export has halted the supply of gas after the Russian firm demanded payment in roubles, despite being under no obligation to do so under the contract

Danish offshore wind giant rejects demand for payments in roubles

Ørsted has said there is a risk that Gazprom Export will stop supplying gas to the company

Russia’s Gazprom cuts off gas to the Netherlands

Partly-state owned energy firm GasTerra has estimated approximately two billion cubic metres of contracted gas will not be delivered

‘Finland could be cut off gas by Russia this week’

Finland’s state-owned energy provider has warned that there is “a real risk” of natural gas supply

Europe announces ban on Russian oil imports

The EU Commissioner for Energy has said paying in roubles is a “violation” of the sanctions

Eni has not opened rouble account to pay for Russian gas

The energy giant has confirmed it will honour contract terms and the guidelines given by European authorities

Uniper to pay for Russian gas using Russian bank account

This account will then convert its payment from euros to roubles, bypassing the sanctions