Gazprom cuts off gas supplies to Shell Energy

Shell has committed to working to keep gas flowing to its customers

Russia’s Gazprom has reportedly decided to cut off gas supplies to Shell Energy in Germany.

The move follows Shell’s decision not to pay for the gas it buys in roubles.

Germany’s network operator said the cut will only affect small volumes in Germany.

Shell told the BBC it would continue to get gas from its other sources.

The company had not agreed to “new payment terms set out by Gazprom”, which included the creation of Russian bank accounts.

“We will work to continue supplying our customers in Europe through our diverse portfolio of gas supply,” a spokesman said.

Yesterday, Gazprom confirmed it suspended gas supplies to Netherlands’ GasTerra due to failure to pay in roubles.

Earlier this month, Shell said it completed the sale of its Russian retail stations and lubricants business to PJSC LUKOIL.

ELN contacted Shell for a response.

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