A bright idea for cutting lighting bills

A new motion sensor can save energy, reduce emissions and cut bills by maintaining light at a constant level. Lighting firm Helvar has developed the 321 Multisensor, which uses passive infrared technology to dim lights and save energy, for example when the sun shines into a room, before brightening them again as the clouds darken […]

Schneider Electric launches energy saving movement detector

Schneider Electric has launched a new range of presence and movement detectors which it claims can cut energy use by making sure lights are only turned on when they are needed. The Argus detectors can be used on their own or as part of a network of sensors, can be adjusted to turn lights on […]

New device could be a ‘lifesaver’ for miners

A new sensory device could increase the safety of workers and help save lives in the coal mining industry, according to researchers at Nottingham University. The penny-sized sensor, which will fit into the miners helmets, will enable those above ground to monitor the workers heart rate, temperature and respiration. Incidents such as the Gelision Colliery […]