Green light for 21MW solar energy farm in Norfolk

The Burgate solar farm will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of around 6,800 households annually

Atlas inks 240MW solar PPA in Brazil

The plant will have an installed capacity of 239MW, boasting 460,000 solar panels and occupying around 700 hectares of land

EDP funds solar projects in five African countries

The funding is provided through the A2E fund and will support projects in Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda and Malawi

Masdar wins tender for ‘Armenia’s biggest’ utility-scale solar project

The 200MW project will support the country’s transition to clean energy

Octopus Energy granted approval for acquisition of Octopus Renewables

The deal will see an estimated £3.4 billion worth of green energy projects added to Octopus Energy’s portfolio

Transparent solar panels, farmers’ most fruitful tool?

A pilot project will explore if strawberries and raspberries can grow faster below a new type of transparent solar panel

Vodafone dials in 100% renewables for all its UK operations

The company has confirmed its entire business is now powered by electricity sourced from sources such as solar, wind and hydro

US closes borders for solar panel materials linked to forced labour in China

The US Department of Homeland Security says specific Chinese companies that produce silica-based products
breached labour laws

Masdar to build 2GW of solar PV in Iraq

Iraq, which is currently the second-largest oil producer in the OPEC, is targeting 10GW of solar energy by 2025

Around 25% of US electricity in April was green

Wind and solar accounted for nearly 13.9% of the US electrical generation in the first quarter of the year, according to a new report