Carbon price plans “will undermine growth”

Taxes on carbon will make the UK an uncompetitive location for business. This is the claim of the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG), which represents industries that consume large quantities of energy like steel, paper, cement, aluminium and industrial gases. Last week Chancellor George Osborne announced the introduction of a floor price for carbon in […]

Voluntary approach to Climate Change doesn’t work

28% of councils have an effective plan for slashing carbon emissions this decade and after. Friends of the Earth released research today that shows voluntary methods simply don’t work with only 22 councils of England’s 354 actually have a plan in place that can cut local emissions by at least 40% by 2020. Friends of […]

Offshore wind is UK’s pot of gold

The UK could be making billions of pounds and creating thousands of extra jobs through the offshore wind industry. This is according to research from the Carbon Trust, who aim to support businesses and the public sector through low-carbon technologies. The analysis claims the global offshore wind sector is set to grow by up to […]

Obama to cut oil imports by a third

US President Barack Obama has outlined plans to secure America’s energy security. The President announced that reducing oil imports is key to this. He set out his aim to cut 2008 levels – 11 million barrels a day – by a third in just over a decade. Mr Obama said in a speech at Georgetown […]

Taxpayer will fund CCS demo schemes

The Department of Energy and Climate Change are set to fund Carbon Capture Storage Projects by charging the UK taxpayer. The Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Charles Hendry, has confirmed £1 billion for the capital costs of the first demonstration project. Mr Hendry said: “The Government are committed to providing public funding […]

UK Greenhouse emissions on the up

The UK recorded a 2.8% increase in greenhouse gases on 2009 levels, according to statistics released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change today. Carbon dioxide, which accounts for about 84% of the UK total of greenhouse gases, rose by 3.8% to an estimated 491.7 million tonnes. The findings were criticised by the green […]

Welsh tidal device wins Huhne’s approval

A new project that will harness Welsh tidal energy has been approved by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. The 1.2MW ‘Deltastream’ device has the potential to power up to 1,000 homes, and will provide electricity to the local network during a 12 month test period. Mr Huhne said: “I wish Tidal Energy the best of luck […]

Electricity use increases, and is more reliant on gas imports

The UK felt a dramatic increase in the imports and exports of gas from 2009 levels to 29.3% and 28.7%, respectively and total demand for gas rose by 8.3%. Statistics released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change today showed that energy trends are changing, with renewables playing a bigger part in the energy […]

Networks "vital" to DECC’s new smart meter plans

Charles Hendry has been praised for his attitude to the role of networks in new plans for a smart metering. Yesterday DECC announced their strategy for the national rollout of smart meters, which the Energy Networks Association has welcomed. David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA said: “The networks have a vital role to play in […]

€270 million deal between Alstom and GAS NATURAL FENOSA

Leading companies in power generation, Alstom and Gas Natural Fenosa have joined forces again over the Cartagena gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Spain. Alstom have now agreed to maintain and support the plant that they built in 2006. The plant comprises of three 400MW combined cycle units. Alstom signed a similar contract with Gas […]