Addison Lee and Audi open the door for electric taxi service

The taxi firm is to incorporate five Audi e-tron models into its fleet to test the viability of a fully-electric service

The Big Zero report

Addison Lee/Audi

Addison Lee and Audi have announced a six-month pilot partnership to incorporate the Audi e-tron into the taxi firm’s fleet as it moves towards a zero-emissions future.

The driver service says it will provide five of the low carbon SUVs to its customer offering, which it hopes will help customers, drivers and the business understand the opportunities made available and the challenges posed by running a fully electric service.

The trial aims to provide operational insights into real-world EV operating performance and considerations, with a goal to influence decisions regarding a wider potential EV rollout in coming years.

Last year the taxi service joined forces with autonomous software specialist Oxbotica to digitally map London’s roads and infrastructure, including the locations of curbs, traffic lights and islands, ahead of plans to introduce self-driving taxis to the capital city by 2021.

Andy Boland, CEO of Addison Lee Group, said: “Integrating electric vehicles into transport networks will be central to helping cities hit air quality targets and reduce emissions.

“As our partnership with Audi and our wider low carbon initiatives demonstrate, we are committed to playing our part in helping to rapidly improve air quality in London and across the UK.”

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