UK solar sector ‘witnesses stalled growth due to Covid-19 crisis’

Projects are expected to fall short on timelines by at least a quarter, with a disrupted supply and pre-crisis policy changes exacerbating delays

The UK’s solar energy sector is expected to grow by only 200MW in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to data and analytics firm GlobalData, current lockdown measures in the UK have impacted workers’ mobility – combined with a shrinking manufacturing market in China, this is expected to cause a spike in domestic equipment prices and a flattening in demand.

GlobalData warns in addition to pre-crisis policy changes such as reduced feed-in tariffs for small-scale systems, this could significantly delay solar projects by at least a quarter.

The new growth projection has been cut from an initial forecast of 290MW by GlobalData, which has called for government measures to minimise the damage caused by a ‘stagnant’ economy.

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