The impact of energy crisis on Oxford Street Christmas lights

Energy consumption of the Christmas display at Oxford Street will be slashed by two-thirds

As the energy crisis has affected most tourist attractions across Europe, this year’s Christmas display at Oxford Street is designed to use less energy.

The company, which is responsible for organising the Christmas Lights on Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street said the hours the lights would illuminate Oxford Street this year would be reduced, cutting energy consumption by two-thirds, compared to last year.

In an effort to boost the installation’s sustainability, New West End Company said the Christmas stars will be made up of 300,000 LEDs, made from recycled polymer.

The lights are believed to be 75% more energy efficient than standard lightbulbs.

Hadas Kulcsar, Campaigns and Events Manager at New West End Company, commented: “In the current climate, it is also important that we reduce our energy consumption and help to promote a more sustainable Christmas in line with our ambitions to make Oxford Street a leading sustainable district.

“The reduced hours of our Christmas lights are a great step forward to achieving this.”

A few days ago, the company operating the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France confirmed it would switch off the lights of the famous tourist attraction one hour earlier to save energy. 

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