Green hydrogen project on Teesside moves forward

With production set to begin in 2026, HyGreen Teesside is on track to be among the UK’s largest green hydrogen facilities

The HyGreen Teesside project, initiated by bp, has entered the negotiation stage of the government’s progressive electrolytic hydrogen allocation round.

Anticipated to commence production in 2026, the HyGreen Teesside project is poised to establish itself as a notable contender among the UK’s ‘green’ hydrogen production facilities.

In its initial phase, the project aspires to a hydrogen production capacity of 80MW, with a potential expansion to 500MW by 2030.

The HyGreen Teesside initiative aims to transform the Teesside region, focusing on large scale decarbonisation in sectors like transportation, airports, port and rail.

It also has the potential to drive sustainable progress in industries with significant carbon dioxide emissions, such as chemicals and processing.

Matt Williamson, UK Head of Hydrogen, bp, said: “HyGreen Teesside has the potential to help transform energy use, the economy and skills in the region.”

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