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Coventry school pupils participate in sustainability classes

Nearly 450 school pupils in Coventry are attending sustainability workshops run by E.ON, the city’s Strategic Energy Partner

More than 450 school pupils across Coventry are participating in sustainability classes organised by E.ON, Coventry’s Strategic Energy Partner.

The initiative, called “Let’s Go Green in Coventry,” includes 16 workshops in six primary schools, aiming to educate year five and six pupils on renewable energy sources and their impacts.

The sessions are designed to enhance understanding of energy usage at home, its origins, environmental effects and potential solutions.

Pupils work in groups to create or redesign household appliances using renewable technology.

They also design future classrooms and explore green career paths.

Emma Hardy, Assistant Head and Curriculum Lead at Aldermoor Farm, said: “Learning about sustainability through workshops like these enhances the coverage in our school curriculum of this important subject.”

Chris Lovatt, Chief Operating Officer for Energy Infrastructure Services at E.ON, said: “The idea behind ‘Let’s Go Green in Coventry’ is to inspire students to discover for themselves how we all rely on energy and the different ways we can produce it and store it – while also providing a bit of fun and entertainment in the classroom!

“These hands-on activities have been specifically designed to fit within the primary school syllabus and to promote not just wider environmental and energy knowledge but hopefully to inspire some interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topics.”

Councillor Jim O’Boyle Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change, said: “In the future there will be a big demand for new, green skills so inspiring local kids to see themselves in these roles is really important.

“This work may not have happened without our partnership with E.ON so it’s great to see some of the first benefits felt by our city’s young people.”

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