How can UK schools tackle soaring energy bills?

Schools on fixed, variable and other energy contracts will be supported under the government’s Energy Relief scheme

Energy costs take front seat in British classes

Several schools across the UK are reportedly considering adopting a three-day lesson plan to save money on their energy bills

Government unleashes £1bn package to make schools greener

Nearly sixty schools are set to receive environmentally friendly rebuilds or refurbishments

Northern Ireland green lights climate change qualification

This will be an available GCSE and AS-Level course for students from September

Will children in Wales be offered edible insects as part of a sustainable meal project?

Researchers plan to offer a range of eco-friendly meat substitutes to children if they wish to do so and with written parental consent

Biodiversity and sustainability to be on kids’ GCSEs

UK ministers are considering the introduction of a climate change-based qualification

‘Unis must reject all fossil fuel funding’

Academics have come together in a plea to stop all British and American universities investing in any fossil fuel companies whatsoever

EU proposes environmental sustainability to be ‘at the core’ of education and training

The Commission’s proposal aims to support member states, schools and all education providers in equipping learners with the understanding and skills on sustainability, climate change and the environment

Carbon capture and storage put on the UK’s curriculum for ‘first time’

Selby College and Drax will develop what is described as the UK’s first educational programme in CCS

Renewables, a class act!

Technology previously used in large-scale wind farms promises to offer decarbonisation solutions for schools