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Net Hero Podcast – Big Zero Show Briefing: Start somewhere!

In this podcast I talk about starting your sustainability journey and how sometimes just wanting to start is enough...

Team up. And start.

That’s the way to get to net zero says Fitzoy Hutchinson, who is in charge of sustainability for the famous Celtic Manor Resort.

In this brief chat we discuss the issue of supply chains and the challenges of getting emissions down if budgets are tight. Fitzroy has worked in the NHS and now in hospitality, where there are huge challenges and also expectations from their consumers be that patients, or tourists.

He told me how he is trying not to punish his suppliers, rather encourage them to join the Celtic Manor pathway to net zero. We also discuss how to cut back without costing the earth for your organisation.

When I ask Fitzroy his top tip for those trying to cut emissions, he responds adeptly: “What can you do? Do the best you can!”

Come and hear more from Fitzroy when he speaks at the Big Zero Show on July 2nd.

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