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Green hydrogen trains set for Germany launch

Lhyfe has partnered with Deutsche Bahn to produce green hydrogen for "climate-neutral" trains in Germany

Lhyfe has built a new hydrogen plant for Deutsche Bahn in Tübingen.

This facility, operated by Lhyfe, will produce up to 30 tonnes of green hydrogen annually using 1MW of electrolysis capacity.

The electricity for this process is sourced from Deutsche Bahn’s green electricity portfolio.

At the Tübingen innovation hub, DB Energie is exploring sustainable rail energy technologies, including the ‘H2goesRail’ project.

This initiative will see a “climate-neutral” hydrogen train operating on a test route in Baden-Württemberg, connecting Tübingen, Horb and Pforzheim.

Lhyfe aims to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen solutions in transport and mobility through this project.

Hydrogen-powered trains offer an alternative to diesel-powered trains and are nearly CO2-free.

This project will provide Lhyfe with valuable experience in autonomous systems and integrating hydrogen production with large-scale filling stations.

The system involves the production, compression, storage and refuelling of hydrogen.

Lhyfe aims to provide Deutsche Bahn and other partners with a robust hydrogen production plant to test green hydrogen integration into their processes.

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